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  • We Had to Get New Apartment

    Of course the problem was Candy's cat, which I personally could live without. At any rate we had to move from the old place and we found some Alamo Heights San Antonio apartments for rent that did not mind the cat. They do have restrictions on what sorts of pets you can have, mostly it is the sort of large aggressive dog that might scare the neighbors. You can not have a Pit Bull or a wolf hybrid or about a dozen other dog breeds. They also do not let you have exotic pets. So you can not have a python or a piranha or a tarantula. You can not have a pot bellied pig either, although honestly they seem to be much the same as a small dog to me. However if you have a pet it costs you a four hundred dollar deposit, of which only half is refundable. Candy paid that and would not let me argue over it.

    She moved in with me a few months ago and it was great so far as I was concerned. She has a great job and she was paying half of the rent, plus she loves to cook and she keeps the kitchen spotless. However the landlord had a fit when he saw that tabby cat sitting in the window. He has always been a jerk and this just gave him an excuse. He probably thinks he gets more rent from the next guy. I had a pretty favorable lease, but of course it is a lot better to have Candy and have her willing to pay half of the rent. In fact we thought about looking for a small house. We are not quite able to come up with the down payment, but that would have made a lot of sense if we could have made it work.

  • You Don’t Have Time to Mess Around if You Run a Nursing Home

    As the owner of a nursing home, it is very important that our place be kept clean and tidy at all times for the sake of employees and all our clients who live there. So, if someone moves in and brings any pests with them, we have to be very careful. It happens more often than you might think. We recently had to call in a bed bug exterminator in NYC to help us get rid of those horrible little creatures.

    What happened is that a lovely gentleman moved in, and he brought the pests with him. We were told by his son that his father's place was not very clean, and while they did not see any problems with the items they helped their dad pack and bring to our facility, we soon learned we had them when the new client began itching like crazy. Some of the CNAs were helping him in his room, and later found that they were itching as well. The problem with that is that the CNAs moved on to other rooms, and more than likely took some of these bugs with them, where they drop off in the other rooms.

    We immediately called an exterminator within and hour of learning we had a problem. You cannot mess around as these things will move from room to room on employees and clients rather quickly. After getting a list of each of the rooms the employees went into after visiting the new client's room, we had to move everyone out of their rooms. They were not allowed to take any of their things with them into their new and temporary rooms. Instead, the people who were handling the extermination went into each of the rooms and fumigated them so that everything that could affected would be dealt with appropriately. Just days later, each of the rooms were fully pest-free, and each of our clients was able to move back into their rooms to get comfortable again.

  • Changing What I Was Doing Was Key to Making Things Right Again

    I had the nagging feeling that something was not quite right about my marriage for about five months. When I finally started to really pay attention and focus on trying to figure out what was wrong, I realized that my wife and I were drifting apart. I feared losing her. I wondered what I should do about it, and I wondered if there was anything that I could do. Would sex toys and trying to be more romantic work? Did I need to learn to communicate better? Was there something else going on that I was completely unaware of? I was at a loss, and I knew I needed to figure it out before it was too late.

    All throughout my life, I have noticed it is often the male that drifts away in the majority of relationships. I realize that is only my perception, but it is something that I do not feel that I can ignore either. It really would not be smart to completely dismiss it. My wife is the one who was doing most of the driving in our situation. I was not, but I know that I was not being mindful. I worried about what the reason for her moving so far away from me in a figurative way. I tried to talk to her about it, but she said that everything was fine. I knew better than that, and I realized that she was either having trouble talking about her feelings or she did not want to hurt my feelings for some reason.

    It was up to me to try to do something to bring the two of us together. I began reading different relationship sites online to learn. I also visited some licensed counselors pages. Each of the sites told me that if one person is not cooperating all that well, the other person can make a positive change by making changes within himself and for his spouse. So, that's what I did, and now we are doing well again.

  • Scrap Metal is in Everything

    I collect a lot of junk from all over the place. Sometimes people leave their used appliances on the street when they don't work anymore. I get to them before the garbage men have a chance to load the appliances in their truck. Sometimes I go to the thrift store and look for items that no one else wants anymore. I store all of these items in containers inside of my garage. Some of the items I can repair, but the rest I just strip for materials. The scrap copper price has been pretty good lately, which is why I've been taking any copper I can find in these items and selling it.

    There are a lot of metals that you can find in any electronic device or appliance. Common metals like tin, steel, and copper are often used, but sometimes more rarer metals like silver and gold can be found. The average computer motherboard has some of these metals in smaller quantities. Stripping the metals from these boards requires a tool that can heat up to temperatures hot enough to melt the solder that holds components in place. Taking everything from one board can take an hour or two.

    There's always something to be found, and always something that someone else doesn't want, so I'll never be able to completely clear out my garage. On the bright side, that also means that there will always be a way to make money. As technology gets smaller and smaller, the process of removing the metals from items will get a little more difficult. I was taking the metal out of a phone that had been dropped in a lake, and I had to use a magnifying glass to see all of the small bits of metal that were on the circuit board.

  • Dealing with Heat and Time

    At my restaurant, the air conditioner stopped working during one of the busiest days of service that I had ever experienced. Hot food combined with heat from outside and heat emanating from people turns the entire restaurant into one big sauna. A company that does HVAC installation in NYC was able to come to the restaurant and put in a new air conditioner before the customers went to one of the competing restaurants with air conditioning. I gave the workers a free meal along with their payment as a way of showing my appreciation for their fast services.

    I would have preferred to have the heater stop working in the middle of winter instead of the air conditioner breaking, because at least everyone would have been able to stay a little bit warm with their clothes, and from the heat of the kitchen. You can easily add more clothing to stay warm in the winter, but when it's hot outside and there is no cool air, only removing clothing will make you cooler, and I can't have my employees taking off their clothes in the middle of the restaurant. The customers can't do it either, so it's a big problem for everyone.

    I suppose I should be thankful that I don't run an ice cream shop. There was an ice cream shop not too far from the restaurant that had a problem with its air conditioner and the freezer. The ice cream started to melt after 30 minutes, and in an hour, there was nothing but puddles of sweet soup to serve the customers. Some of the customers didn't mind and were willing to eat the soupy dessert, just like a milkshake. Others left the shop and went to one of the fast food restaurants that serves soft serve ice cream.

  • The Best Meal Delivery Service There is

    When I decided to try a meal plan service, I knew that I had my homework cut out for me. When I first did a search for one, I learned that there are quite a few options available! I looked at all of them, but I was most impressed with the Bistro MD meal plan reviews that I read. All of the services have their good points, but I was mainly interested in a service that delivered food that was really delicious. Basically, I did not want a meal service that tasted like I could have put a frozen dinner from the local grocery store in the microwave.

    I have had my share of those types of meals, and I was pretty bored with them. That is why Bistro MD really stood out to me. When I started reading about the different meals that come with this service, I knew that I had to give them a try. There are dozens upon dozens of different meal options, and the descriptions of them sounded so good. What was even better for me were the reviews from the people who have tasted these meals.

    One of my favorite things is four cheese ravioli, so I was really pleased to see so many positive reviews about it. Rather than being compared to a frozen meal, it was compared to a pretty popular restaurant chain's own version, which is something I order every time I am at that restaurant. There were other things too, like the Irish beef stew with sauteed cabbage, salmon with its own special sauce and so much more. I decided to order enough to try it for one month, and I never canceled my order because the food is even better than I expected. Now, others are trying this like my sister and two cousins because of how much I rave about my dinners!

  • The Major Changes of Life

    Last week, a particular phrase was popping up among my friends whenever we had a conversation. They kept talking about the Vashikaran Mantra, and I couldn't figure out what they meant. They explained it to me, and where they heard about it, and then I fully understood. They were interested in making their lives better by controlling how their interactions with other people happen. I never really thought about something like that, but it made sense to me. I can think of a number of times where my life has been made worse by the people that I meet, and I wished I could just get rid of them.

    I took at a long look at the elements of my life that I wanted to change, and wrote them down on a piece of paper. I learned long ago that when you write something down on paper, it's easier to visualize it as opposed to keeping it trapped inside your head where you can forget about it after a long period of time, or have it circling around with other ideas and having it get lost in the fray. With a clearer idea of what needed to change, I started making simple goals.

    Most people try to make goals that are too broad and not specific enough, which is why they don't have much success in achieving them. The more specific you keep your goals, the easier they are to accomplish. A big goal can be broken down into smaller goals that may not take as much work to complete individually. My life changing journey isn't going to happen overnight. It's a long process that will last a while before I get to exactly where I want to be. The time spent will be worth it when I finally accomplish my goals.

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